Diversity Trends LLC


Reinventing Employee Resource Groups for Business Relevance and Business Results

A 5-session Teleseminar Series from Diversity Trends LLC

Employee Resource Groups have been around for many years. Often they were created to be the voice for employees whose needs and ideas had previously been overlooked. Sometimes they were created to be the primary organizers of social and cultural activities.

But in the 21st century, these groups are being expected to demonstrate tangible business relevance and are being encouraged to develop products or services that impact business results. This series of  teleseminars provides information and ideas for strategically moving these groups more rapidly toward business-focused action.

We assume anyone participating in these calls has already  answered the question, “Why is it important to expect business relevance and/or business results from our employee groups?” So no time will be wasted on making the case for this shift. Instead each session will focus primarily on “how” to move further along the business continuum.

  1. Creating the Strategy: Identifying New  Targets
  2. Managing the Change: Building a Bigger  Pie
  3. Moving Beyond Events: Changing  External Expectations
  4. Using Value-Added Skills: Developing  Transferable Skills
  5. Recognizing Progress: Celebrating  Along the Way

To Register: http://reinventingergs.eventbrite.com/ or email Staff@DiversityTrends.com


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