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Models and other resources related to Session 4:

ERGs as a Talent Pipeline

From Diversity Executive Magazine By Robert Rodriguez

Excerpt: The selection of ERG leaders is also more deliberate than it has been.
Before, leaders were selected via popularity contest, or the leader who had the
most time to run the ERG was selected. Companies appear to realize that these
are missed development opportunities and thus have become more engaged in this

Many described a more rigorous approach to identifying and grooming future
ERG leaders, and corporations seem to be taking a more active role here by
identifying someone who can reach a senior management role in three to five
years. In doing so, the Latino ERG leadership experience becomes a growth
opportunity for designated high-potential employees.

Diversity & The Bar

The New Affinity Groups: Making a Difference in the Workplace and Community By Carisa Crawford Chappell

Excerpt: Once considered a social outlet, affinity groups in the legal arena are
moving beyond their value to employees who share a common bond. Now, many firms
and corporations have begun to realize that these networks offer a wealth of
knowledge on various demographic groups that businesses strive to reach.

Recording + Outline

Link to Audio Recording + Outline (Talking points) for Session 4. Password Required.

5 Ways to Leverage the Power of Employee Resource Groups for Leadership Development

by Jennifer Brown

Excerpt: ERGs should be considered the best resource and opportunity for the next generation of women leaders, and other diverse talent, and here’s why.  Today (or in the near future), ERGs enable women to:

1. gain exposure and visibility within broader networks
2. learn a broader set of skills by collaborating on ERG projects and initiatives
3. seize leadership opportunities within ERGs that they may not otherwise realize in their day jobs, and
4. contribute to their company’s “cultural competency” through participation in sales, market, and product development.


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