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2011 Above-and-Beyond Award: Call for Nominations

The 2011 Above-and-Beyond Award, presented by Diversity Best Practices and Working Mother Media, will be recognizing four categories of individuals and a group who/which work in best-in-class network and affinity group leadership:

  • Executive Sponsors/Champions – individuals who provide a lifeline to their organizations’ network/affinity groups
  • Network/Affinity Group Leaders – non-diversity professionals whose grit and determination have led to the creation, success and/or turn-around of their network/affinity group.
  • Network Groups – as an entire unit, i.e. groups that are aligning with their business
  • Program Managers – diversity professionals who provide exemplary leadership in the creation and growth of network affinity group(s)

The award recipients of each category will be individuals/groups who/which, in addition to their “day jobs,” work tirelessly to increase employee participation, nurture future leaders, and advocate on behalf of the diversity represented by their members. Bringing groups together for the benefit of mutual support, these champions ultimately work across corporate and community borders for their affinity group’s – and their organization’s – success.

Recording + Outline

Link to Audio Recording + Outline (Talking points) for Session 5. Password Required.


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